We create experiences for teams and leaders to grow, align, and perform.

Disrupt your organization's status quo by shaking up Team Dynamics and Leadership Skills to ignite your culture and reach your potential.

  • What is keeping you and your teams from being at peak effectiveness?
  • Where are you stuck?
  • How do you show up for your peers and team?
  • How does that limit you, or support you?

Work with In:sync Transformations to uncover the root cause of barriers and challenges to unlock your untapped potential. Lead yourself, lead others, and lead the business to new heights.

  • How do you ensure everyone is working toward the same goal?
  • How do your teams align?
  • Which behaviors, interactions, and patterns contribute to your success, and which ones detract from your results?

Work with In:sync Transformations; we curate activities, one-on-one sessions, and group workshops to deconstruct team dynamics and uncover what is limiting them from being your company's best resource.

  • How do your change efforts end up?
  • How often do you rescope your project to meet the actual adoption by employees?
  • Are you just settling?
  • Missing the results you expected and invested in initially?

Work with In:sync Transformations to help leaders and key stakeholders understand their critical roles during change. We share effective strategies with change teams that deliver results for the change.


Michael Triolo-Sapp is an ICF Certified Coach and Certified Prosci Advanced Instructor who specializes in team dynamics, change management, and accelerating leadership to higher untapped potential.

By implementing customized programs, Michael's biggest thrill is seeing teams transform from underperformance to commitment and exceeding company goals.

Michael has worked over twenty years across a diverse set of business sectors including consumer products, design agencies, consultant organizations, and manufacturing. He has also led workshops both virtually and in-person across four continents.

Some companies impacted by his work include L'Oreal, SGK, Saueressig, Equator Design, Frost First LLC, Matthews Memorialization, and Matthews Environmental.

Get in touch! You can reach out to Michael to discuss opportunities to support you or click "Schedule a call with us" to book a meeting.

Michael Triolo-Sapp, PCC


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