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Leading Change.

Change can feel very intimidating for all levels of the organization. Leaders and sponsors don't always understand their role and managers find themselves ill equipped to lead their teams through change. It is no wonder most change initiatives fail.

Much of the focus during change is on leaders and project teams - the individuals most impacted by the change are often left behind.

In:sync Transformations can help you structure your change to support the organization holistically at all levels to reduce all the "re" cost (re-work, re-do, re-scope, etc.).

In:sync Transformations' Method

We begin each engagement with an eye to support your existing structure in rolling out the change. We ask lots of questions about your destination and journey so far - then help you chart the course ahead to achieve the results you expect.

We coach change leaders and change practitioners along their route and co-create activities to help you be the best support to the individuals impacted by the change.

In:sync Transformations is your partner for the people-side of your projects. We combine our coaching, team development, and change management expertise to help you reach your goals.

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Michael Triolo-Sapp, PCC

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