Why Coaching?

Coaching provides a forum for you to identify and develop personal strengths and growth opportunities.

Coaching encourages you to define and take responsibility for your journey and gives you support along the way.

What journey do you want for yourself?

Let's explore together.

In:sync Transformations' Method

Working with In:Sync Transformations starts by getting clarity on your goals and aspirations. Personal assessments like the EQ-i 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence), PQ (Positive Intelligence) or the Energy Leadership Index assessment may be used to help you define your path.

The next phase explores what might be blocking you from achieving the journey of your choice and helps you to take strides that will lead you to the destination you seek.

Along the way, you will be supported by a certified coach who is by your side as you progress.

Get in touch! You can reach out to Michael to discuss opportunities to support you or click "Schedule a call with us" to book a meeting.

Michael Triolo-Sapp, PCC

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